Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's been awhile

It's been awhile since I have written here. I wish I could say life was super busy and it kept me away, but honestly.... I have a lot of time on my I spent the day with my cousins who are 7 and 5. Almost the age of our boys. I don't get to see them often, so the time was priceless. Katrina reminds me so much of me at that age. Of course we didn't have cell phones. She played on mine all day. Logan, what a doll that child. So sweet and kind. Normally it's me who's doing the talking, but today I got the chance to just listen. It was a day I would have paid all the money in the world to be apart of. Katrina and her neon green finger nails and logan with his handcuffs and gun. The innocence those two have in their eyes. I see it in the eyes of our boys. I pray that they can hold on to that for as long as possible. To not worry about the bills, the crime rate, which school to send your child to, death... The things that we as adults don't enjoy, I pray our children stay children for as long as possible. Even in this day and time when children grow up faster than they should, I pray for my children that they can still be "cool" as the slow paced boys.

My heart is blessed today. I am proud to call myself mom, aunt, and a rockin' big cousin!

Until then....