Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's baseball time!!

I haven't forgot about this thing. I have just not had time.. Or I have had too much time. Not sure which. Axton had his first ball game yesterday. Oh how great! He thought you were supposed to slide every time you got to home. He hated to do the fielding part. He thinks it's pointless..haha! He's Tim's child. Tim coached their team. I was proud of them both. No blood shed and lots of laughs.

Axton is getting better. They have moved his class and he takes his meds like he's supposed to. I know that God has a great plan for him. I am actually having such a hard time with it lately. He was diagnosed a little over a year ago and never once did I get angry or worried. Now, I seem to be fighting those fears. I know that God never makes mistakes, but the human part of me questions is he sure that this Asperger's thing is right?? I just grave for him to be "normal", but that's overrated anyways, right??? I know that he is reaching new heights everyday and sometimes I watch his brain working and then I know... He is exactly who he is supposed to be. I just adore him. I can't imagen what life would be without him.

Wel it's supposed to be a crazy week with weather. I pray that God is with you this week!

God, grant me peace of mind. You have never made a mistake and I know you haven't made on this time. I am sorry that I have moments lately of being angry and sad for Axton. He doesn't seem to be, so why should I. Help me to embrace that dreaded word and just handle the things that he needs. I pray that you be with his doctors, teachers, and therapist. Give them guidnace on how to treat him. I don't eant to take their word, Lord I need yours. Thank you for loving me even with my doubting mind. I never have deserved your love, but you always give it! Thank you..

Until then...