Thursday, January 24, 2008

There you are God!

What a whirl wind week it has been. For me it ends on Thursday, so welcome weekend! As I rolled out of bed this morning to drive Tim down the road to his dump truck, I had one eye open and one eye closed. Out of my open eye, I wondered if the cars we past must have to drive their husband to his dump truck to, because who's up on purpose?? Out of my closed eye, I was hoping the light was just the bathroom and someone would soon turn it off. I wish the man would get a battery for his truck. It's not that hard or cost that much. I am all about bonding, but at 5:30 and 20 degrees, I have no time for bonding. Now in Tim's defense I only have to drive 2 tenths of a mile, but for real! I do have to admitt in those short drive home, I see God in the silence of my neighborhood. It's so peaceful then. Then I fall back asleep and pray my eyes open and 8..hehe Axton only got kicked out of class one day this week. He thought going to see Mrs. Julie was a fun thing. While going to see the principal is a lot of one on one, it still means you are in trouble. Think he hasn't grasped that point yet! He and Alex didn't fight today, so hey 1 out of 3 ain't bad right?? Well as a mom you have to keep a positive attitude..hehe We leave to get Ike tomorrow. I am hoping we miss whatever yucky weather is coming for the day.

This week has been anything but normal. I do try and keep my life some what private, I tell the funny things, yes, but some things are just left for me. In this case, I have to tell somethings. You know, I have always heard the saying from the bible, Your debt is paid. Never have I realized the meaning of that until this week. Sad right? I have seen God truly work in my life this week in ways, no words can ever explain. The kindness and loved shown me and my family got to the inner being of me. I do believe that God always shows up just when I am about to give up. Not because he's a mean God, but because he is showing me that he works on his time and not mine. Just in the moments of my lowest lows this week, there he was. He showed himself to me in ways that I don't deserve, The people who reached their hand to me this week, I pray God will bless their lives, as they have blessed mine. I don't think I even deserve their kindness, but God did. I guess I'll stick with this way of thinking! So I heard those words so loud from God this week, Your debt is paid! You owe nothing. Just like when he died for us, we did nothing to deserve the kindness and there is no way to repay the gift. It was his undying and unselfish love. I pray that I can one day show my love and gratitude. Until then, I stand in aw at God's work and speechless at his gift. Me speechless=)

You know I write these blogs to get out the thoughts that run through my mind. I can only talk so much you know! But, today this blog means something a little more. I don't know if a soul reads this, but in happen chance that someone who touched my life this week does... Thank you! Those words aren't because I feel as though I should say them, but because my soul cries thank you!

God, Thank you. You heard my cries from the depth of my soul. My heart cried to you and you answered me. You never cease to amaze me. Your love me for is more than I can ever fathom. Thank you for never leaving me. In my greatest moments you are there to rejoice with me and in my moments of despair you are there to comfort me. God bless those who blessed my family this week. You Father know them by name and by face, please touch their lives as they have touched mine.

Until then,

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God is Faithful! said...

we're thinking of you guys! will see you soon! hang in there!