Friday, November 30, 2007


Before I blog, let me take this moment to say, HOUSTON NUTT WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?? I am just at a loss. You just have to know how big of a fan I am of him in itself to understand my mourning.. I am now a Razorbell. That's a Razorback and a Rebel.. Who knew I'd ever feel less love for my #1 team. I still love them, just sad over the loss of my #2 man!!!

Can you believe it's almost the 1st of December?? This date holds more meaning to me this month than any other month. Yes the rent is due, but it means that there is only 24 days left until Christmas. This year the hustle and bustle seems more noticeable. Axton is old enough to understand what Santa means. He has a list of what Ho Ho is bringing him, a bike and a gun. Ike has a huge list that seems to be growing daily! The crowds at the stores seem bigger and the Christmas music at the stores seems louder. I am excited what this new year will bring, but a little saddened by the fact that our two boys are turning 8 and 3. Ike's birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas and then Axton's falls right after. Where did our babies go? Axton's hands are changing. Is that the strangest thing you have heard today? I watch his hands everyday and they are loosing the baby look and turning into big boy hands. The grow up to need you less, but love you more. At least that is my prayer!

I feel so blessed in my life. I have a family that in my own words "rocks". I have friends that I wouldn't trade for anything. I want for nothing more than continued happiness. I know that each year will come with new challenges, but with a great support system there is nothing we can't tackle!

Thank you God for a wonderful year. We have come through some rough times, that we only made it through with you. I thank you for your undying love and your strength. I sing the song ever morning, God is in control. That is my motto now. I thank you for always being in control of what seems like madness to me. I pray that this new year will bring us new beginnings and renewed faith! And God one more thing, send Houston back!

Until tomorrow...

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