Saturday, November 10, 2007


The boys are wild tonight and life is crazy. Their unstoppable laughter makes all the worries of the world go away. It's almost time for Ike to go home again and that is one of the most heart wrenching things a parent can face.. leaving your kid behind. Divorce is so very difficult, but having a child involved is even worse. I can't tell you the emptiness that this house feels when he is gone. The void, the silence. Axton adores "Bubby'' and ask for him no less than 3 times a day. He is now beginning to feel the loss that Ike leaves behind. Ike is a wonderful kid that every house needs 2 of. He even folded the laundry for me! I almost fainted that someone helped without being asked, of course he asked for money afterwards..LOL It was the thought, right? He makes me look at life different. He just has such an understanding for life and what he wants out of it. I pray that God always watch over him and help Tim and I to be Godly influences in his life. I can not control what the other set of parents do or say, but with the short time he is here, I can be everything I need to be. I just dread Sunday's.. It's just the finale and he knows that time is short. He is quiet on those days.. This month though he will be here every weekend for 4 weeks! Axton won't know what to do!! It's hard to have 2 kids, but only 1 with you all the time. I know it must be so hard for Ike to have to get used to being back with us after being gone. Sunday drives are spent with laughter, talking about what is important to him, and sometimes just silence.

God, help us to be watchful parents. To show our love and to be unbiased. Help us to live our lives knowing that 2 little boys are watching our every move. I pray that even in our times of hardship and strife that you guide us to make the best decisions as parents. I pray for the other parenting half of Ike. God help us to be on the same page and to be civil and respectful. Thank you God for sending us what I think is your best work yet! They are gifts and I thank you for them. Amen

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~~Kerri~~ said...

Divorce is tough, especially on a kiddo. But Ike is blessed to have a second mom like you. I was blessed with a wonderful second mom who had a great spiritual life and passed it to me. You are awesome and Ike is blessed to have you!! Keep it up girl~~~~ Kerri