Friday, January 11, 2008


Life is crazy. Not sure why, not sure when it will slow down. I feel like I am running on empty and need a nap most of the day. One thing is for sure God is faithful. I know that may sound funny coming from me, but I think time changes people. I have never more in my life, needed God more than in these times. And... He has shown up for me, more than I ever could have imagined. I think when I went back to the doctor for Axton sometime back and he told me he thought he needed meds and a different school, something in me changed. Not that I hadn't ever trusted God before, but in this time I truly felt my earth move and begin to crumble. Why this incident and not the tons of others in my 26 years, I haven't a clue, but.. So I put all my faith in God and pray each day, God I need you. Not just saying the words, but from my very being, God I need you. I gave him all I had that day. Not to say some days aren't the hardest to ace or extremely overwhelming, but something is different. I walk a little taller and trust a lot more. I think it's because I know, that no matter how far I have to walk to get to where I need to be, I am guided. This week, money was tight(nothing new in childcare and dump truck land), but I never feared. God has never let us go without or let us down. This week Axton had the best week at school. He never wanted to leave and walked right in without my guiding him. Tim got paid 2 days earlier and you know what.... Never thought anything different. I said, Praise you God! You are always on time and not a second late.

Isn't it funny how in the middle of life's storms, you forget that God never moved, you did? I know that I serve a God who will always provide. I may never be a millionaire, but I will always have more than enough to get through life. It's a great feeling!

God, thank you for never letting me go through my life alone. I am so thankful that you love me enough to provide my needs and then some. God I need you everyday. Please guide me through my journey always being my guide. Amen...

Until then,

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