Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cotton Bowl and Charlie Brown

Well it's on to the Cotton Bowl for Arkansas. As excited about this as we are in our house, my feelings on this should come as no surprise. It will be a sad day without my beloved Houtson. He has taken 5 of the people on the Arkansas coaching staff with him, so we are dwindling down to just a few coaches. I think we will still beat Mizzou, but.... we'd have a better chance with my man on the sidelines! I still refuse to watch the news when they discuss the search for a new coach.. I think I have change I am sure they will find a perfectly good coach, but he won't ever be Houston.

Today has been a lazy day. I think we have watched Charlie Browns Christmas no less than 15 times this weekend. Axton has memorized every line and repeats them at any given moment. He thinks Christmas is the greatest thing ever. He loves the decorations, the music, he loves it all! I enjoy watching him take every ounce of the excitement in. He reminds me so much of my mother with his passion for the holidays. I spend my day in aww of him. I get so frustrated at him sometimes. He has a sassy mouth and loves to pester you just because he can. I have to remember 2 things though... He is but a little boy and he is the child I was! Can't fault him for either of those things, can you? I am blessed because I have him each day. I cherish these moments in life. They can't be purchased on Ebay and can't be copied in a Hallmark card. They are my moments!

God as we settle down for what always promises to be a hectic Monday, I ask for one thing God. Help me to slow down tomorrow. I often forget God that life is short and the things that seem to set me off, really in all accounts aren't that bad. You have blessed me and my family. You provide even when it seems like it's not in "my" time. I ask for you to forgive me for not always being patient and waiting on you to show up and instead "I" show up. Thank you from the center of my being that you came and took the sin from my own life, so that we may live. Amen..

Until then..

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