Saturday, December 8, 2007

The weekend

Can't type a long time. I am borrowing computer space today. This week has been challenging and yet a learning experience. I have learned this week, that I have to just trust. I am not sure where life will take us, but I am sure of one thing, I won't figure it out alone. Axton is on the waiting list for a new school. I was upset at first, but I think I am coming into the idea. I know that just because I am sad about it, doesn't mean Axton is. I think he is ready for the change of pace and he's always up for a new challenge. I just pray that God watch over us as we are in this time of transition and unknown. I want his will and I think this is it. We will have to see how long it takes for him to get into the new school.

Today is our oldest birthday. He's 8! Life goes by so fast. I remember the little 3 year old jumping on the bed in his underwear the first time I met him. In that second I knew I'd love him forever. He is a gift and I would be lost without him. Happy birthday Isaac! You are the greatest son and big brother anyone could ask for.

God, in this week be with us. Guide us through the unknown. I have my moments of being angry and scared and everything else wrapped up into one. Please help me to remember I am not alone. God, I pray for our enemies. I know that you see what happens daily with us and what I feel as "attacks". Please Lord protect us from what we see and do not see. Amen...

Until then...

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God is Faithful! said...

Sharon...there's been so many, many times that I've worried I was making the right decision for my children. You are on the right track. Pray. It sounds so simple, but the tricky part is listen Swiftly. I have never been left hanging when I needed help about a decision for my kids. Gary and I are praying for you and Tim to be the best parents your kids need! You already are or God wouldn't have given them to you!
love you much. Peggy