Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Motherhood and baseball bats

I have heard some really interesting things today. One parent said today that God doesn't give us human size problems, he gives us God sized problems, so that we lean on him and learn how great God is. I also heard that It's easy to sum of life in one phrase "It goes on". You know those simple words today made me really think. How often do I in my life, think about how giant things seem to be and how overwhelmed I am with life. Never thinking that it's God showing me how great he is! Life really does go on doesn't it. Nothing so far in my short 26 years and been as devastating as I thought it was going to be. I made it out alive and smarter than when I went in!

Axton is full of it lately. He is tired, acting out, and just over all a crab. I get to the point with him that I just have to stop trying to make him do what I want and just let him be. Right now he is being the boss of Barney the wonder dog.. Poor dog! Well, now he wants to play baseball. I say he's the next Babe Ruth or Sammie Sosa, without the steroids..LOL He loves baseball and practices daily. I can't believe it's already time for him to play t-ball. He has been waiting for this day since he could swing a bat. Of course he's been swinging even in the womb. He can smack a ball off a tee, but he wants loud cheers! He is driven for perfection. I admire his drive and hard work. Even at almost 3, he reminds me of a few people I know.. Papa! I am not sure that I am ready yet. He is growing up so very fast right before my eyes. Even his conversation is changing now. He talks to me about "big" things.. Now just so you know as I have typed this, he has broken my sunglasses and was sent to bed... Oh the joys of parenthood!

God, I am just tired. I can't say why, because I don't know. I need you. I need rest. Lord, I pray for Axton. I am not sure what is going on in that little head of his, but you do father. Lord grant him peace and rest. I am not sure what goes on with him each day, so God I ask for protection. In the middle of whatever frustrates him, God I pray you place your hands around him and calm his spirit. God, I am a mother because you chose me to be and I thank you for that great job. But, Lord I can't do it alone. I need you. Guide me I pray. Help me to even in my mistakes, be the mother you would have me to be. Amen..

Until then...

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God is Faithful! said...

I have enjoyed reading your blogs! I would love to take credit for a small amount of the person you've become! :)

keep up the good work.

Maybe you should have 2 more kids so you would eventually have more bats swinging!