Monday, December 3, 2007

It's a Monday alright!

It's settle down time in the Tackett household. Some of us are not as tired as others, but oh well.. The little person will fall soon! I am exhausted, because Monday's always seem to be more rushed than any other day of my week. It's just getting back into our routine and doing the task that should have been done on the weekend! Like the 4 loads of laundry that we swore we did yesterday. I am sick of talk radio today and their talk of Houston Nutt! Thought I was off that kick didn't you? No such luck! It's Monday!

I spent some time with my girlfriends tonight. As much as I love being with other adults, I miss home. The craziness of our house is normal to me and sometimes the quite drive somewhere is deafening. I did learn something tonight. No matter how old I get or what I accomplish, in some people's eyes I will never be more than a 12 year old who just lets things roll off her back. Don't get me wrong, I am used to being the end of someones jokes every now and again, but... As other's my age grow up and get to sit at the adult table so to speak, I in turn want that as well. I think I get that because I just laugh at everything and try and be good natured. But, I do long to just be the average joe who blends in for a day. I guess I brought this upon myself, so now I will go on laughing it up. I know I have fans at home who still think I am cool! Sometimes like tonight, I want to crawl away slowly and just let it be someone else's turn. I am funny and I love to have a good time, but... If you need something to make you look cool, talk about something other than me. =)

God in times as tonight when I just feel "out of sorts", help me to remember you don't ever make me feel little so you can be big. In your eyes God, I am big! Help to not be angry because people can't read my mind. God, I pray that you help me to get a little tougher for myself. Not become someone who is mean, but someone who doesn't always let others walk all over me. Thank you for this Monday and all the days to come. I am so thankful God that you have already been where I will walk this week and you will guide my every step. Amen..

Until then...

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Knight of the Word said...

Many people's defense mechanism is to put other's down to make themselves look good. Keep you chin up. Without adversity there can be no personal growth.