Saturday, December 1, 2007

A day of shopping...

So tell me why Christmas shopping with your spouse makes shopping even worse?? Do they turn the heat to 110 on purpose? Why is every restroom in each store no where close to where you can find it? We went shopping today for the first time this season together.. We got nothing we went for and accomplished much of nothing. Axton doesn't want to shop and neither does Tim. Why can't they just stay home and be the Grinch?? We do this yearly. He hates this time of year! Why do I expect anything new this year? You think after 5 years, I'd learn to shop without him and just let him see what "Santa" brought the day of Christmas? I guess I punish myself for the fun of writing about it..haha I almost got in an argument with a guy 1 aisle over, because he was dogging Houston Nutt. I had to do some breathing tricks because I could feel my blood pressure rising and tears in my eyes. Do you think I am ever going to get over him leaving for Ole Miss? Why do I take it so personal? I love this time of year. I was singing loudly to all the Christmas tunes on the radio, much to the dismay of Tim. It's something about this time of year that makes sense. I am excited to see the looks of my children's faces as they open the presents that I looked hard for and thought so much over. Now I hate putting the Christmas decor up!! It's so time consuming and I end up breaking all the balls and lights on the tree... The the madness starts next year with buying the same ones I had and breaking them again.

I just have to remind myself that there will be Grinch's in the world not just surrounding the holiday season. They won't stop me from being as positive as I can be each day, even though my circumstances may not be as rosie as I may like. I am grateful for each day and even craziness!

Thank you God for the Grinch in my life. It's a running joke that he hates the holidays and wishes we could skip the next 2 months. I pray that you help us to learn from one another. That each year after all the craziness is done, he loves the holiday one meter more than the last, and I sing half a chorus less of Have yourself a merry little Christmas. I thank you for the ability to be able to give to other's. Maybe not as much as I want to, but you know my heart. In all things God, help me to remember, I am blessed! Amen

Until then....

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