Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 is gone, here we come 2008

It's been awhile. Life has just been so busy these days. Axton's been sick, then I got sick, and we traveled over 1000 miles for the holidays. PS.. we never left Arkansas! I enjoy the holidays, but sometimes in the midst of the madness I miss home. I can't believe it's New Years Eve. Tim's saying is, "It's going to be great in 08". Not original I am sure, but I a praying for that. This year has been eventful. We have a new nephew Wyatt, Tim's grandpa Died, my sister-in-law is pregnant with our new niece Eden, and I am sure there is a bigger list. I wish I would have clocked how many miles we traveled this year. It's a huge amount. In all these things, I feel God always by us. He has never left us nor forsaken us. When my radiator went bad recently and it could have stranded us miles from home, God waited until I was in the comfort of MEMS to die on me, when my tires were balled, we were saved from what could have been a bad day. Never have I once believed more in God's faithfulness than now. It has been a year for job changes for Tim. He sold cars and now he is working for Mark's trucking company. It's not the cleanest job, but it's a job. Axton has had school problems, lots of doctor's visits, and who knows what else. In all of that, he is my pride and joy. He is a gift from God and I love the infectious laughter he brings to me. Ike has grown so much this past year. To think teenage years are just around the corner! I am ever changing. I see God working in our lives right now and am slow to say much. I just know that 2008 will be a new challenge and I am excited to see where God takes us.

God, grant me the ability to deal with change. Help me to seek you first and to always have my ears open to your word. God, I pray for Peace for Tim. You hear him calling for you and I pray you would answer him. Help him to find you in the middle of his storm. God, I need you. I know I sound like a broken record, but it's the truth. Thank you for a wonderful 2007! I look forward to your greatness in 2008! Amen..

Until then,

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baseball boys said...

May you guys have a blessed 2008!