Sunday, October 14, 2007

Be still

We spent the majority of the day today on the road. Never have I wanted out of the car faster, but on weekend like this,it makes time together as a family of 4 one of the greatest times. W don't get to be together, all of us, often. Ike lives so far away, Tim works a lot of hours, and well Axton and I just hang out most of the time. The time our kids will remember the most is the 6 hour car ride we did every other weekend. I pray that the memories we make in those hours will last them a lifetime. If it's just talking about nonsense, singing very badly to the Veggie Tales, or sometimes saying nothing at all. It's just about being in the moment. They are growing up so quickly. I even look at Tim and in the almost 5 years of being together, he and I are aging. Not that we look haggard, but time changes you. I just don't want to miss a moment of our lives. Sometimes I spend the day chatting away and no time at all just listening to the noise, or taking in the silence. I want to be able to enjoy it all, but I enjoy yapping about nonsense more sometimes. This week, I am going to just listen more. When Axton tells me about the train or whatever he needs to say. When Tim tells me about the dump truck or someone who pulled out in front of him, again! Please people when you see a red Hearon trucking dump truck, don't pull out in front of him doing 20 mph. LOL I just want to hear those things without interrupting to hear my own voice.

Maybe we should all be quiet more and enjoy the silence or the "noise" we are to busy to hear any other day. I can tell you it will be a challenge for me, but a lesson not to late to learn. God said "Be still and know that I am God". I guess he really meant the Be still part. You can't always feel his presence in the hustle and bustle of life. You sometimes have to stop and be still to feel him.

Until then...

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