Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is it only Wednesday?

Having an off day around our house is like having 2 shoes on for anyone else. Just common. I am not quite sure where the day got sour this morning, but what seemed like a normal day in the Tackett household never holds true like I'd hoped. After Axton's weekly therapy session and all the wonderful postitive things she had to say about him, I was feeling great! Not that I think he has "changed" overnight, but I am way more hopeful these days then I was last month. He in her words remember is, "brillant". Not that I am bragging or I adore my son and want nothing more for him than the best in life. I think that is any parents dream for their child. His teachers may not be the best match possible for him. They don't understand him and don't want to really. It saddens me as a mother for someone not to love him the way I think they should. Not that I think they should want to take him home with them, but that kind of compassion that I feel teachers of any age, should love their children. I teach 2 year olds. Not that I don't have a few in my class that drive me batty, but I am placed in their lives to touch them in some way. I don't think Axton's teachers got the same calling or maybe the line from God to tell them that, was busy the day the phone call went out. Whatever it may be, I am just in a hard place with it all. As a parent you live your life to protect, as a human you understand people have faults and they won't always be the way you want them to be.

On a happier note.. My baby wore a costume!!! Yay for him! He wasn't scared and had a wonderful night. He was well behaved and brought home 3 buckets of candy. He was so excited to see his Daddy after a long day. I was ready to see a pillow, but well Ax took that up right away!

God, thank you for sending me Axton. Father, I heard myself question why you sent he and I together today, because we don't always mesh well. You blessed me with this gift and I thank you for him and all that he comes with. Help me to stop feeling frustrated with the outcome of school and to seek you first. I am only human and forget that you have a plan for me. Protect my baby when I can not and love him with the love of a father, when others may reject him. Give me wisdom father.

Until then...

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