Thursday, October 18, 2007

Potty training

I am writing today with a mother's pride. As funny as this sounds, I am so excited to say my baby has poo pooed in the potty. I am sure he'll hate me for this later, but hey the joys in my life are of the small things. Isn't it funny how when you become a parent, your greatest accomplishments change. It goes from what type car you drive, how much money you make, to the excitement over going to the potty, starting school, etc. I just decided one day that this potty training thing couldn't be as hard as he made it. The potty is not the enemy I have said 10 times! There are no monsters in there and if there were, they don't want anything you have.. So, over the past 3 weeks we have had great days with this attempt and not so great days, but it's been a great time for us. Bonding over the potty has become a nightly thing. "Please go the potty" "As soon as you do it, we are going to Chuck E Cheese". The bribes go on and on. I could tell you about the night that chocolate cake was the bribe, but.. I'll let that be between us and the Kroger bakery.LOL We laugh in the bathroom, we run to the bathroom. It's the nightly exercise program here. As many times as I am in there with him, you'd think I'd mop the floor that I say looks disgusting every time I am in there.

In all of this potty mayhem, I have learned something so little that I should have already known. It's not in the biggest things that we should rejoice. Rejoice in life's smallest things. We forget that in those small moments, the big ones are born. I am sure God rejoiced with us when we were 2 and potty training. I am sure he rejoiced just as much when we graduated. That parent pride knows no prejudice in which things are great accomplishments. Axton pooping in the potty is GREAT! It also makes me realize in that, he is growing up to become an even bigger boy than he is now. I am not ready to let me little baby grow up, but I know that each lesson I teach him now and even he teaches me, is preparing him to become a man one day. I am confident most days, that I have some sort of clue what I am doing.

God, grant me the ability to rejoice in you. In the small things in our lives, you are there. Help me to not forget the things that made me who I am today. We fall down in some areas in our lives daily, but you always pick us back up again. Thank you for not giving up on us when we make mistakes. Even as potty training children, you rejoiced with us. Thank you Lord for carrying us in the times when we can not carry ourselves. Amen..

Until then...

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