Tuesday, October 16, 2007

God has a sense of humor

Do you ever think God has a sense of humor?? I really saw it today when at work we drew secret pals. I drew my name and looked at it and then did a double take.. It would be the one person in the world that I would have never wanted. It's the teacher that right now is causing me some unwanted stress and heartache. So I took my name and then my heart sank. I heard the voice, you know you've heard it, GIVE IT BACK AND RUN! They were kidding you, now the jokes over. Make them give you the real person you will be buying things for the next 2 months! But, in the same second it took me to draw it, I felt this funny peace come over me. It was like God had made his joke and now he wanted me to listen. This was for a reason. So, now I just stare at the name. I don't know what God's lesson for me is going to be, but my ears and heart are open. The human side of me says, "Now God are you sure? Like really sure"? I mean I laughed God, now you can give me the real person I have for the next 2 months. But to no avail God wasn't joking. This is a lesson in life that I am going to take it to the fullest.

How often do we think God is joking or not listening? We think he's busy or just plain ignoring us. Then when he drops something in out lap or it hits us like a ton of bricks, we have no idea it's the real thing. This person needs me in a way God sees that I don't yet. I pray that over the next 2 months, things are brought to into my life, that I would have never known before.

God I pray that you would give me a heart that seeks you. Help me to choose to be the bigger person even when I feel like being angry or wanting to run the other way. Help me Lord, to turn the other cheek just as you did. That when I feel like I can't take or handle anymore, that I remember that someone in this world or right next to me, has it far worse. God, I need you, but as much as I need you, someone else is calling out to you in despair. In all things, whatever they may be, help me to live my life for you. Amen.

Until then...

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Jennifer said...

Sharon, you amaze me with your outlook. Keep it positive. God does has a sense of humor and He knew exactly what was going to happen yesterday AND today. Trust Him. I'm praying for you, Axton, the teachers in his class. I know it's difficult, but praise God you are close and can keep your eyes and ears tuned to what is going on with his class. He is such a sweet boy and has grown so much over the past year and a half I have known him. Grown both physically and emotionally. You are a great mom and teacher. My Bekah loves her Miss Sharon and I do to. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Love your blog, keep it up. Jennifer...