Friday, October 19, 2007


Tonight was a night with Girls only. I love my husband and my children, but it was so nice to not need a highchair and to choke down my food, because my child is throwing sweet and low at the waitress. I rarely have my alone moments, because a pair of eyes are normally staring at my every move. I love those little eyes, but being away makes me love home even more.

It's nice to know you have great friends who won't laugh at your mistakes and think the worst of you for the stupid things you have done. It's nice to know they will cry with you and laugh with you. Those friends are one you cherish, because they can't be bought or traded. They are hard to come by, but once you have them you want to treasure them always. Those girls know things about me that even I try and forget. The moments as teenagers when all you seem to do is make stupid choices, but looking back now you laugh so hard that you cry. I could have swore my Dad was out to make my life a living nightmare, but now as an adult, I actually see he was trying to help and protect me. Thought I wouldn't say that, didn't you?? I forget about being those times of being invincible. I forget about those first love.. well I think they all seemed that way then. lol I forget about the first time I met Tim and fell in love right then and there. Never looking back, but always looking ahead. Why is it that we forget the parts of our lives that make us who we are. You know, the beginning of the story written about our lives. I don't want to ever forget the stupid choices, or the wonderful friends, that I almost forget I have. Life gets so busy and we take so much for granted.Why do we forget that friends exsist until the hard times? I know that my life gets hectic and when I have awful moments that I just don't think I can bare, I want to run and call someone. I want to also know that I can call them in the happy times as well.

God, help me to be a better friend. You gave me these wonderful women for a reason. Most of them you sent to me when I was just beginning my journey into what would now become my life story. The book on me or them isn't finished yet, so Lord help us to be a part of those good and bad times. Thank you God for the love of others. Without having someone to call on, this world would be a lonely place. Lord, help me to love one another as you have loved us so unselfishly. Help me to be quiet when it's that time in a friendship where no words have to be spoken. God, send me the words in the times, someone needs to hear you. Amen..

Until then...

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